Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miraculous Thunder

7:05 PM

Today Wonderman and I went to see the doctor.  It was just a regular visit, making sure I'm still alive and well.  I am.  And then she brought out this tiny little wand that she pushed into my gut.  I knew it was time to hear Baby Bean's heartbeat and I anxiously waited.  And waited.  My paranoia kicked in as she looked for it all over my little belly area.  I was terrified that she wouldn't find it.  But find it she did.  Phew.  It was the sweetest sound in the world, that gorgeous thudding at 150 thuds a minute (Is that fast enough for you to tell me it must be a girl, because apparently they have faster heartbeats?  That is still up for debate.  150 is right in the middle of normal, "they" say).  I looked over at Wonderman and smiled.  He kind of nodded and smiled a little bit back with a look on his face that said, "Right.  Of course.  You're pregnant.  What did you expect?"  I almost felt like I was being overly gooshy.  I wasn't, right?  I guess he meant it when he said he probably wouldn't get too emotionally involved until the kid was out.  Sigh.  Still, I was both relieved and thrilled.  Apparently there really is a baby in there.  Sweet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1 in 4

6:11 AM

Have you ever seen the commercial that claims that 1 in 4 American women can misread a pregnancy test?  Do you get as offended as I do?  I mean really, there's a line or there isn't, right?  Who needs their silly expensive digital test?  However, I must confess.  I've done it.  I am your 25%.  I fulfill the stupid part of that statistic.  In my defense, I took two tests of two different brands within a somewhat small time period and sillily (this is a hard word to say) assumed that the store-brand version of the test would show results in the same way that the name brand it imitates does.  Alas, I was wrong.  Therefore, many moons ago, I nervously told Wonderman he was going to be a daddy WAY before we were ready for that.  It was a good time to have read the test wrong.  However, the most recent time I took such a test, I carefully read the instructions that came with the test while I waited for it to . . .  develop(?-I'm not sure the appropriate term for a stick I just peed on).  This time I'm sure.  It's for real.  Now I've got a whole new slew of statistics to worry about.