Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who Planned This?

5:05 PM

When a battery in a smoke detector is low, it just goes off every ten seconds or so.  You know, smoke detector loud.  And shrill.  And scary.  I may have known that.  I probably knew that.  It's a good idea.  Unless The Universe decides the battery is low an hour after the baby goes to bed.  In her room.  Right above her crib. And the ceiling the detector is attached to is so high that your 6'6" husband can't reach it standing on a chair (And, let's be honest, every pillow in the room, which is many.  Safe, right?).  Then it's a terrible idea.  Just sayin'.

Conclusion:  Whoever said to change the batteries every six months may have had a point.  And/or a once sleeping baby.