Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food-based vacationing

7:01 PM

So content we are.

So, let's be honest. I have two blogs. On the other blog, I'll be posting about our trip to Payson, AZ and what a delight it was. Here, I'll just be telling you about it's purpose - the Monte Cristo sandwich. I had my first taste at Christmas when Wonderman ordered one and I ate something completely unmemorable. Ever since, I've been searching for somewhere to order one of my own so that I could indulge in its sweet, deep-fried goodness. Alas, we found a few weak attempts, but none that could compare with Tiny's, so we headed back up to Payson. It was worth every minute of the drive.


Andrea said...

I KNEW we were family!

Eva said...

There's a place in Santa Barbara called Garret's where I was introduced to the Monte Cristo which will here to for be know as "My own true love"
I've got to get back there.