Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Common Enemy

5:54 PM

Wonderman and I have an enemy. It is this guy:

We live in Arizona, a land not known for its shade trees. In fact, Wonderman and I were just discussing the other day how back when I lived in Paradise, ahem, I mean Logan, UT, I never would have considered them shade trees at all. In fact, I laughed and said I didn't even know if I'd call them trees. Still, they're all we've got and we will park farther from wherever it is that we are going, just to be able to park under one of these "shade trees." There is one (yes, ONE) spot in our parking lot that actually is almost entirely covered with shade. When the car is parked there, the risk of burning yourself on the seatbelt buckle is relatively low. It's delightful. We try to park there whenever we can. However, that is never because this guy parks his stupid little "I want to be an SUV, but I'm too much of a pansy" car there AND LEAVES IT. I swear to you, that car never goes anywhere. Ever. Once, it left for Spring Break and the spot was shared evenly amongst the rest of us poor folk who don't pay the extra monthly bill just to have covered parking. Then it came back, took the spot, and NEVER left again. The shade is wasted, wasted I tell you. If you never use the car, what is the added value of not being afraid of getting burnt on the seatbelt buckle, I ask you? Exactly, there is no benefit. So, this guy (I'm simply assuming it's a guy because I saw a guy standing next to it with a Disneyland bag in his hand at the end of Spring Break, I'm not really THAT sexist. Usually.) just parks there, keeps the goods to himself, but gets no benefit other than making everyone else mad. Ooooh, it is working. Sometimes we talk about writing mean notes and leaving them on his windshield. Other times, as I'm parking in the glaring sun, I consider treating our cars like bumper cars, just to teach him a lesson. So far we've kept on our nice faces. It may be good that we are leaving in ten days, because I really don't know how long this can last. Stupid guy. Now, just for review:

My car in the hot, hot sun/ Stupid guy's car completely covered in shade.


Conclusion: It is probably best for me to not live in Arizona. It has a bad effect on my anger management issues.


Amy and Clark said...

Remind me when it is that we get to be promoted to covered parking?! Or even a garage! Sigh. I feel those days are still far off. But at least I don't live in Arizona. That might just push me over the edge.