Monday, August 16, 2010

Doula Magic

9:00 AM

As I am approaching my birth experience, my blog will probably begin to revolve more and more around my crazy hippie ideas and philosophies.  I have a lot to say as I have spent much time pondering and studying (in fact, Wonderman has multiple times expressed bewilderment at how much thought I have put into this process, as he can't imagine doing so himself.  I told him that is why I am having the baby and not him).  We've talked a lot about doulas.  I have a lot to say on the subject, and I haven't even hired a doula yet (let's all pray that I have time to find a great match in between my rush home and Bean's rush appearance).  I only wish I had seen this post (I have to confess, it's a link from another blog I read, but I don't remember which one.  I just open links that seem interesting and then have a bunch of tabs open and sometimes have no idea why when I get around to looking at them) earlier, as I think it may have convinced Wonderman a little sooner about the benefits of having a doula.  She describes my thoughts quite succinctly, although I do not think that Wonderman is a lame tard.

Conclusion:  Who wouldn't want a doula?  It seems crazy to do this without one.  And I may be crazy, but not like that.


Eva said...

I love my doula, she's been with me both times and I can't imagine doing it without her.
My sister is a Doula by the way, and a good one I'm sure.

Alice said...

I know a Doula. Her name is Morgan and she is currently in Sandy, Ut. Doulas are amazing. I will have one when and if I ever get to have babies.

Anonymous said...

While it's entirely possible to have an amazing, unmedicated childbirth sans doula, doulas sound fantastic and could only make it better, I'm sure.

Bryce Moody MD (in 3 years) said...

While in nursing school, I happened to be in a delivery with a woman and her Doula. You could tell they had a special relationship, and she seemed to be a great support system. Good luck finding the perfect one! You should look in to the certifications required to be a Doula... I feel this might be up your alley!

Bryce Moody MD (in 3 years) said...

BTW, this is Gina...I'm on Bryce's computer and didn't realize that he was signed in and not me. :)