Sunday, July 24, 2011

Embracing the Double Standard

6:35 PM

We're bad parents.  I'm coming to terms with that.  But at least we're not terrible parents.  We're good about some things.  I still won't give Bean cookies.  They're pure sugar, right?  But somehow we've decided it's ok to give her ice cream.
And she loves it.  Surprising, I know.  I've never really cared for the stuff myself (lies, all lies).  It's rare, though.  She mostly eats fruit and veggies with varied protein sources.  It works out in the end.  I think she'll make it.  Sure hope so.  I really like this kid.  I'd like to keep her.
Conclusion:  Moderation in all things includes ice cream, for sure.  And good parenting is for people without an imagination.


Alice said...

These pictures are adorable! I want to help bean with her love of ice cream. I will eat blue moon in her honor this week! Bean has a pretty awesome mommy! The end.

Heart Mommy said...

Wait what???? Ice cream is bad? Shoot what about popsicles, lolli pops, Oreos, gummie worms or anything else the sibs share with baby munchie? See you are wonderful parents. I am even taking lessons from you! Led weaning rocks!

Montierth Family said...

Come now! Ice cream is pure pleasure, not something that any Bean ought to miss therefore I'm thrilled that she's been inducted into the love of this delicious pleasure!

Andrea, the little collector said...

For a brief moment I thought, "Ha ha! Now I can be the cool aunt that introduces her to COOKIES!" And then I realized they probably just won't compare in her eyes to ice cream. Sigh. I'll have to look elsewhere to confirm my "cool aunt" status. (But I may do cookies too just in case. You've been warned.)