Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Almost Fake

8:17 PM

This isn't a real post.  I promise there's one out there that's coming.  Until then, there are just two things I had to share.

1 - You know it's time to shave when you are laying (lying?  this is one grammar rule I never got a handle on - don't worry I know everything else about grammar) in bed with your almost-one-year-old (good heck, how did she get that old that fast?) with your arms behind your head and she reaches up and pets your armpit as though it were one of her "touch and feel" board books.

2 - I really liked this picture/quote, so I thought I'd share (it's sort of been a theme in my life lately):

Conclusion:  Laughter is real, real good for the soul.


J. Michelle said...

baha! I love it. Oh, I had the same question about lay/lie thing. it's pretty simple: if you can simply remember the difference that lay is to act on another object and lie is about the subject. (I lay the book down. I lie down on the bed) then you just need to remember the tenses.
lay laid laid [present, past, past participle]
lie lay lain
This is why people get lost, it's because lay exists in both lists. :) Not sure you'll remember that, but I found it easier to remember after seeing the list like that.

Amy and Clark said...

Both of those things make me smile. Thanks for almost posting.