Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Belly Bean's Latest

7:09 PM

We are now entering the third trimester (you have to know, that as I typed that, I heard "Twilight Zone" in my head.  I know they're not really connected, but sometimes this whole thing seems so strange that it sort of fits.  But maybe just in my head).

The belly at 29+ weeks:

And me giving Bean a little hug:

And as much fun as I've had playing around with Picnik, I had to leave this one un-edited.  I can't explain the face.  Please don't ask.

Is it inappropriate to say that the three balls in that photo (two boobs and a belly) kind of look like a Simpsons character or something to me?  Or maybe a muppet.  Try it, it's not that hard to picture a silly face on there.  I probably need to design a t-shirt that does just that.  It would be awesome.

Added bonus photo, with a quiz question.  Can you guess which side of the bed is mine and which one is Wonderman's?

Conclusion:  Pregnancy is definitely changing things, but it is a delight despite the discomfort.  Still, I can't wait for two things (listed very much in order of importance): to meet Bean already and to sleep on my stomach again.


Jodi said...

Ok, first of all I recently fell in love with Picnik!! Second, if that picture was of our bed the amount of pillows would be doubled and it would be my husbands side!
You look fabulous dahling!! I can tell you're having a girl. People say when you''re having a girl you're even more beautiful!

Montierth Family said...

I have to chuckle when I think back to how much my body metamorphosized, suddenly I felt like I could be an 'asianized' Kim Kardashian - a figure at last! One warning about the much awaited sleeping on the belly - you have that for a day or two, until your breast become engorged and it aches like no other to have any pressure on it!

Andrea, the little collector said...

BELLY PHOTOS!!! Love them! Every single one!

Of course I can see it. Cartoon the face you are pulling onto your belly and roll with it!

brenda hatch said...

If you're gonna breastfeed, you won't be sleeping on your tummy. I miss sleeping on my tummy so badly!!!

Amy and Clark said...

3rd trimester is treating you well--you look fabulous! Sorry about the sleeping thing, I would be going crazy not to be able to sleep on my stomach.