Friday, July 16, 2010

Belly Laughs

6:27 PM

I know, I know.  I should post photos of my belly.  Maybe even write some stuff.  And I probably will soon.  But until then, I just want to share my new favorite website with you.  Of all the things that I enjoy and that make me smile as I peruse my Google Reader every day, only one makes me literally Laugh Out Loud just about every time there's a new entry.  And these days my belly laughs are more impactful than ever, me having so much more belly and all.

Go there.  Read it.  Laugh out loud.  And remember their motto:  "Newspapers are going away. That's too bad."

And I'll write more soon.  Promise.  Probably. Soon is relative.  The end.


Andrea, the little collector said...

Be-lly Pho-to...Be-lly Pho-to...Be-lly Pho-to...Be-lly Pho-to....

(chant it even if it makes you nervous to type it on an English teacher's blog. Did I get the syllables right? How 'bout the syllabubs?)

Heart Mommy said...

I need to see a shot of your cuteness.... How are you feeling these days? Is it hot there?