Monday, March 7, 2011

Bean Ts, Live!

6:40 PM

Bean has grown enough to fit and fill her Bean Ts that my sister made.  It's a pretty adorable combination, if I do say so myself.

I had to post so many pictures for two reasons.  1 - They're too adorable to choose just one.  2 - These are the last pictures that got taken before my camera broke and so may be the last pictures of Bean or of anything for quite a while.  Sigh.  So, now my posts will just be silly rants and descriptions and no cute pictures.  Like, I have more to say about cloth diapers.  I'll say it soon, but when it's not accompanied by a photo of a sweet baby with cloth on her bum it's not nearly as appealing.  Alas, it is all I can do.

The end.


Andrea, the little collector said...

Ok, so these pictures still make my day every time I see them! Ooooooh...maybe I need one on my desk!

Montierth Family said...

She's a doll!!! What happened to the camera .... any replacement in the near future? No worries about posts with no pictures. Your 'rantings' make me smile, keep writing!