Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cause and Effect

5:39 PM

Guess what?  It turns out that I only have time to keep up with reading all the blogs I've added to my reader or to post on my own blog.  Should you be someone who notices when something shows up here, you are aware of what my choice has been lately.  Sigh.  Can I blame part of that on my lack of a camera with which to take adorable pictures of my sweet love, Bean?  She is my inspiration and all.  That's at least part of the problem.  The other part is just me being swamped with reading other people's stuff.  Not only do I do it for educational purposes, but I also have a group of imaginary virtual friends, see.  They're real people, but I like to imagine they're my friends.  They are awesome.  My sister says to comment on their blogs and we can become real friends, but I am not very good at that yet.  I've made a few forays out of my lurking corner, but no fast friendships of eternal consequence have emerged.  Still, I feel obligated (wildly curious?) to know how things are going on their side of the world.  Plus I have to know what my sister/cousin/aunt/college roommate is posting.  It's all pretty important.  Anyway, here I am.  And I'm having a bit of a crisis.  Wonderman says I'm going to have to turn in my hippie card.  There are a few issues at hand.  Updates coming soon.  Probably.


Jodi said...

waiting with baited breath for the next post!!! :) Maybe I should do the same and actually blog for once instead of just stalking!

Eva said...

Four years after I started regularly reading blogs I still don't have blog friends who I don't know outside of the computer. Well, I guess I do have one or two who might nearly count. I just can't quit the lurking habit. I've been a lurker all my life, not I just do it online as well as in face to face social situations.

Andrea, the little collector said...

Turn in your hippie card?!?!? Aack! the horror! Get the girls out of the blouse...I mean house and do something hippie-ish, pronto!