Saturday, October 31, 2009


7:02 PM

Tonight I saw fireflies. I remember the first time I saw fireflies at a gas station in upstate New York (Funny aside: as I typed this I asked Wonderman if "upstate" should be capitalized. He laughed and looked at me, saying "You're asking me about English? That's not a good idea. The good thing is, if you do it, it's probably right." It's nice that he has such confidence in my skills). I was a little scared. In all my twenty years living in a desert, I'd never seen one. Tonight I knew just what they were, and the little flying flecks of light that followed the most beautiful sunset I've seen in Dominica were magical rather than startling. There are so many small delights to make up for the small frustrations of living here. This is merely the most recent.


Island Roys said...

That's the first time I've gone to your other blog. I like the title! Maybe I'll visit your thoughts more often :-) I hope all is a little better at work. Be glad they aren't Dominican, because I bet it would be worse.

Andrea, the collector said...

You were scared of fire flies? How funny!

Fire flies are one of the things I LOVE about NY and would miss if we ever leave.