Monday, November 30, 2009

Mysterious Ways

4:40 PM

Funny story: Yesterday was our Primary Program. It's been a source of much discussion, planning, and practice for quite some time now. In addition to my other ties to the program, I also have been acting as the Primary pianist. I'm not very good. Usually it doesn't matter. The kids don't seem to complain much when I hit horribly wrong notes or when I get a little lost in things and barely maintain the melody as they sing. That's nice. However, with the program looming, I thought it would be a good idea to practice a bit, so practice I did.

The unfortunate part about my practicing is that I somehow got worse with each run-through. Even the easy songs sounded horrible. So much for practice making perfect. Rather, it seemed to be making horrendously imperfect, a regrettable switch. Needless to say, yesterday morning I offered a very sincere prayer before we left for church. I asked God to please bless my fingers, to help them to find the right notes, so that I could play well and not distract from the sweet spirit of the program. I left with only minor trepidation, mostly faith.

Not twenty minutes into our church meeting, the power went out. What does that matter, you may ask. Well, our only source of music is an electric keyboard. The power did not come back on. We sang the entire program a capella. Really, was I that far beyond help? I hate to admit, that it must be true. The kids were amazing, of course. I still have to laugh at how God works sometimes. I wonder if he thinks it's funny, too. I can only hope.


Anonymous said...

i totally just LOL'd at that one. too funny!

Eva said...

Oh, my I enjoyed that.
Last month I struggled with my R.S. lesson all month long. I worked I prayed I studied and the Saturday before I was supposed to teach I had a total of 2 sentences prepared.
And then my children got sick.
I don't know who taught the lesson that day but apparently I was wrong for the job.

Montierth Family said...

He truely works in myterious ways! ;0)

Katrina said...

Laughing so hard my morning Diet Coke almost came out my nose. I love this story so much better than the, "and I got to church and my fingers magically found all the right notes" version. It appeals to my realist nature.

Nina Lewis said...

Ah, your prayer was divinely answered. Your fingers did not distract in the least from the sweet message of the Primary program.

Since your strong faith gets prayers answered, will you say a prayer for me as I play for the choir for the Christmas program on Dec. 20?

The Sullivans said...

I Love it! And congrats on getting the program under your belt!

Andrea, the collector said...

Funny the second time too. I love you!

p.s. I certainly hopes He laughs!!!