Monday, November 30, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

4:50 PM

This post comes with a confession: if there is a book in front of me that looks even remotely interesting, I'll probably read it. It's like Americans in general are with food. If it's there, it's devoured. Sigh.

My weakness brought me to the point of reading yet another ridiculous romance novel. I was at work, things were slow, my co-worker was reading. What's a girl to do? There was a book there that I had passed over in stronger times, but I was approaching boredom, and I pride myself on not indulging in such things.

I read the book. I took it home to finish it. It turned out to be two short novels in one book. The first was wildly passionate, and wildly predictable. The second promised to be the same. However, as I read blithely along, nearing the end (as I could tell as much by the cookie-cutter plot development as by the number of pages left), I read this at the bottom of page 480:

"She held a gurgling Mac over her shoulder."

That made sense. I went to 481, to continue in my self-indulgence, and found this at the top of the page:

"for some safe topic."

It simply didn't make sense. I read it again. And again. I wrinkled my brow. I checked the page numbers. Everything seemed to be aligned, but IT WAS A DIFFERENT STORY FROM A DIFFERENT BOOK. Apparently Nora Roberts' books are printed in such haste that the mix-up went without notice. Her titles are at the top of the page, and 480's title was NOT the same as 481's title.

This is odd, and a little funny. It shouldn't be annoying, because I know exactly what's going to happen in the last twenty pages of this formulaic romance. HOWEVER. . . .

I know that she left in a classic huff, whirling away from him when he told her their worlds were just too different and they couldn't be together, holding herself erect until she had driven out of sight, then disintegrating in the solitude of her car. After her spending two weeks at her cousin's casino, of course someone will make contact, offer an olive branch, and they will live happily and passionately ever after. BUT WHO? WHAT IS THE CONTACT? HOW IS THE CONFLICT IN THEIR LIFESTYLES RESOLVED? HOW DOES HE APOLOGIZE?

It bothers me. I find it hard to believe that no one noticed this before it went to print. It is very bothersome, very bothersome indeed.


Katrina said...

I love it. I feel justified in my book snobbery. Though I admit, I too indulge on occasion. It is like one who is committed to eating healthy organic locally grown food just has to occasionally indulge in a Twinkie.

You could probably just finish the end of the other book and substitute the names.

The Sullivans said...

I have been known to indulge in a "fluff" book every once in a while myself. Heck, what do you call the Twlight series?! Trite, predictable, and semi-insulting to your intelligence. Just couldn't put them down though. Weird.

Solimar Silva said...

J : )

How I miss you!
Você está morando em outro país? Por quanto tempo?
E como está sua saúde? E seu casamento?
Diga "olá" para seu marido.
Meu bebê deve nascer este mês (dezembro). Eu vou te contar quando ele nascer.
Desejo a você MUITA felicidade!
Por favor, me mande seu novo endereço para eu enviar um cartão de natal.

Angela Lord Christensen said...

It's like watching a movie and then the power suddenly goes out!!! I'm so sorry! So was the whole rest of the book a different book? Or just that page? I looked just to see if we could get it on my Kindle, but alas, its one of those books!

Amy and Clark said...

That is crazy! I would tell you to send a letter to the publisher, but then you would have to admit that you were reading the book... :)