Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Truth Wealth, revisited

9:34 AM


My dad and my sister measure wealth in food. That is all well and good, and I definitely enjoy being on the receiving end of them sharing their food-wealth. However, I am learning that Wonderman and I have a different measurement of wealth: Chairs. We have two of them, which is generally fine, since there are two of us. It's perfect, right? If someone visits, they get the chairs, Wonderman and I sit on our bed. Recently one of our chairs broke and that left us with a single, solitary chair (see how good I am at word problems? I really should have been a math teacher). That made meal time a bit of an adventure, a bit of a hassle (and a bit of a challenge/battle between me and the ants - YUCK). During the time that we were without the chair, we discussed the possibility of stealing chairs from the pool, other apartments, or the beach. Thankfully, the chair was returned in better condition than ever and we avoided a life of crime (although we were discussing the other day the existence of jails in Dominica. No one has seen any evidence of them though they must exist, mustn't they? Wonderman proposed that perhaps this is a society of lashings, not jailings. Shiver. I'm glad we didn't steal).

Yesterday I overhead a friend talking about Thanksgiving plans, counting how many people they could invite by how many chairs they had. They have ten chairs. Another friend chipped in to tell me they had nine. Both of these friends are halves of couples sans childs. Just like us. Such excess. Sigh. I will know we have arrived at a place of status and wealth when we have more chairs.

*photo found on flickr


Andrea, the collector said...

Chairs are good too. I feel like I've really scored a treasure when I find a new chair that will work, like my scavenged rocking chair! :)

p.s. love reading about your adventures on the other blog. I know the Dave's store smell too.